Quality Home Health  offers participants and their carers transport to hospitals, doctors’ appointments, social visits and shopping using our staff’s fully insured and safe automobiles.

Travel enables participants to access the community for educational, recreational, employment and vocational purposes. Participating individuals receive funds fortnightly in advance to pay for services of their choice.

Transportation support includes:

Assist that help independent travel by the parent and child including training and support to use public transport and transport-related equipment and aids (e.g. mobility aids such as wheelchairs and some scooters). ​Transitional plan arrangements is also included for the reasonable and necessary cost of taxis or other private transport for with disabilities who are not able to travel independently due to their disability.

Our staff will be following COVID-19 safety preventive measures in place
to ensure we are able to safely provide services to clients:

  • Temperature checks for all clients and family/housemates
  • Social distancing measures
  • Face masks will be used throughout the entirety of support shifts
  • Hand hygiene practices including sanitiser and gloves
  • PPE would be used when providing personal care and close contact supports
  • All the staff members have completed training in infection prevention and control of COVID-19